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Hunting Hideaway Off the Rails: Could a Caboose Be Your Cabin in the Woods?

Hunting Hideaway Off the Rails: Could a Caboose Be Your Cabin in the Woods?


There aren’t any train tracks leading into the woods, but that didn’t stop the arrival of this caboose cabin in the middle of a forest.

Now for just $84,900, you can own this former train car and its surrounding 89 acres in Verona, NY. Built in 1949, this caboose is the only lodging on the property. It features a red-painted wood exterior and 270 square feet of living space. There’s a wood stove for heat along with a kitchen, toilet, storage closets, and sleeping area.

Potential buyers in search of a glamorous outdoor experience might want to look elsewhere. The caboose is hooked up to electricity, but water is available only from the dug well outside and needs to be hauled in by bucket; this also means the caboose has no indoor shower.

If you don’t require too many creature comforts or just want to spend a few days at a time communing with nature, this could be an ideal purchase.

Interior of the caboose.
Interior of the caboose

A trail network crisscrosses the property, including a small bridge over Stony Creek. The forest contains hardwood ridges as well as small ponds, and your neighbors would mainly consist of turkey, ducks, and deer.

A state forest borders the south side of the property, providing a protected area alongside the barge canal which can be crossed for water access. The 4,000-foot canal frontage means that visitors aren’t limited to on-land recreation; they can also go fishing, kayaking, or canoeing.

Nature surrounding the caboose.
Natural setting for the caboose

“You’re just walking into pristine woodlands,” says listing agent Pete Martino. “Any potential buyer could have best of both worlds.”

Living there year-round would pose a bit of a challenge given the current setup of the cabin. The lot isn’t ideal for building on, as much of the soil is in a wetland protected by New York state regulations.

“I look at it as a positive for hunting,” Martino says.

The city of Rome is only a short drive away, for whenever the future owner would like to briefly return to civilization or hasn’t bagged his own dinner. But the main draw is still the woods.

It’s ideal for “somebody who wants to experience four-season recreation in New York state,” says Martino. “A hunter’s really the person I’m expecting to sell it to.”

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