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Achat $20,000 - Commercial

Koh Rong Pub Street
Information from the developer:

“Koh Rong Pub Street is in the final design stage and we are looking for potential investors and interested buyers to contact us to discuss our plans and our goals for Koh Rong Pub Street.

Koh Rong is transitioning from a sleepy backpacker haven into an international destination that needs further development and the right infrastructure to accommodate the mid to high level tourists, that are now coming to Koh Rong.

Our plan is to build an internationally recognized tourist attraction that offers what tourists want, FUN!, Great Quality Entertainment, Great Food and Choice, which is currently lacking on Koh Rong.

Koh Rong Pub Street has been designed to showcase Cambodia’s cultural heritage and together with a mix of international flavors, we hope over the years will become an important tourism hot spot for Koh Rong and Cambodia as a whole.

Koh Rong Pub Street will consist of over 60 land plots with hard titles that Khmer buyers can own and foreign “buyers” can lease for up to 50 years. You can build to the government guidelines, which is currently 3 floors.

We recognize that the common 10 year leaseholds on offer to foreigners are far from attractive and no long term plans can be made with such a small lease duration. We hope we have solved that issue and more international clients will be attracted to invest on Koh Rong and in particular Koh Rong Pub Street.

We are looking for different styles of entertainment and international eateries as well as, guesthouses, bakery’s, coffee shops, souvenir shops, supermarket, bank, spas, massage, hairdresser and other great infrastructure that supports Koh Rong Pub Street.

Within Pub Street there will also be a large apartment project and hotel complex with swimming pools with mid priced accommodation to cater to the growing number of tourists coming to the island. We are building what the island needs and we feel tourism numbers will increase dramatically once Koh Rong Pub Street opens on the world stage.

We have priced our land plots so they are affordable and prices will start at $20,000. We will build the infrastructure to support Koh Rong Pub Street and that will include 3 main roads, electricity, water, rubbish collection, security, medical clinic and a host of other benefits to maintain a great environment for years to come.

We expect to launch Koh Rong Pub Street in early August and we are inviting interested people to register their interest now, so we can offer you the first options on land placement once we launch.

For more information please register your name, country of origin and phone number to [email protected] and we will contact you with more information prior to our launch.

Koh Rong Pub Street – Building an Icon!”

*This is not a Koh Rong Property development, we are the promoters of Pub Street. Please forward all inquiries to [email protected] Thanks!

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