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Benrich Tower is a grade-A strata-title office development that covers a land area of 1,015 square meters. the development comprises 150 meters and 38 storeys in height in Beoung Kak Land area, a prime location consists of a large development area, high-profile uses including embassies, universities, hospitals, government institutions, and high-end hotels, and the core financial area which consists of bank offices, and company headquarters.

Benrich Tower office building is developed by Benrich Real Estate Development Co., Ltd and constructed by Nantong Daxin Engineering Company. The development is under constructed and is expected to finish construction in 2022. Benrich Tower is built to suit all types and scale of enterprises with its design, quality standards, and return on investment.

Benrich Tower is set to provide various amenities and facilities to support the building including high-tech car parking space, international cuisines, front desk services, a multi-tasking floor for conference and training purposes, and a sky garden..

这是一个在 Srah Chak, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh 区域,价格为 的 。

这里地理位置绝佳 。

这个 房源 , 十分适合居住,。

最重要的是,在这个 里,您可以尽情享受一个绝对安全和宁静的居住空间,完善的 等设施将带给您和您的家人满满的安全感。

如果您想电邮 来了解此房源的更多详情,请点击 “电邮中介” 或 “电联中介” ,也可点击电话查看完整号码并拨打工作人员。您也可以收藏此房源以便稍后再次访问。

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