Condo for sale in BKK 1 Phnom Penh | Imperial Crown Condominium

  • Condo for sale in Phnom Penh | Imperial Crown Condominium

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Condo for sale in BKK 1 Phnom Penh | Imperial Crown Condominium

Imperial Crown Condominium: Live the royal life Imperial Crown Condominium is a residential condominium project that is truly a step above any other in project currently in the market. This project offers a level of quality, prestige, attention to detail and eloquence in design that is fit for royalty, and the urban elite of Cambodia. And due to its unique quality, it represents a property asset that will maintain its value for centuries to come – a gift to be passed from one generation to the next. Imperial Crown is strategically located in the most-desired residential location available in Phnom Penh, namely street 360, BKK 1, Khan Chamkarmon.

The elite of Phnom Penh is and will continue to center itself around this prestigious district. Having received construction consent prior to recent regulation changes, Imperial Crown will stand as the tallest residential tower in BKK1 when complete in 2019, with a total of 33 storeys. Located directly across the road from BKK high school, Imperial Crown residents are guaranteed the best, unobstructed views of BKK1 possible. On top of this architectural feat is the “Angkor Crown” cap; allowing traditional Khmer symbolism to resonate against Imperial Crown’s unique French Art-Deco styling. 15th-16th century Baroque interior design has been maintained throughout Imperial Crown condo units with impeccable attention to detail and high quality materials, finishes and fixtures.

Every unit’s entrance door are imported and handmade in Taiwan from carbon fiber steel and it is totally thief, fire and sound proof, available in a series of unique, artistic designs. Each unit includes classic Baroque style furniture that is handmade and imported from overseas, all of which is beautifully silver plated. Swiss and German ceramics and faucets are standard throughout: Kitchenware is imported from Germany with the brand of Bauformat; and full oven, dishwasher, induction heating cooker, and high quality cabinetry is standard throughout. Sanitary equipment is imported from Switzerland with the brand of Laufen, including electronic toilets. Each house unit comes with Rinnai water heater, and air conditionings. And absolutely all furnishings are included in the completed units, as shown in the BKK1 showroom and Sales and Purchase Agreement. Meanwhile, the Baroque opulence of Imperial Crown is coupled with contemporary technology in the form of smart appliances and centrally controlled internal systems, allowing all features of the condo to be managed from smartphone and tablet controllers, including lights, heating, security, and all entertainment features. You can even flush the toilets or run a bath using your smartphone!

The development is underway with the guidance of renowned construction company, RockStone from Taiwan, along with Beijing Urban Construction, renowned for famous projects such as the Beijing National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”. This is their first project of many in Phnom Penh, all of which will soon become landmarks of the city. Loan financing is available for buyers and the project has already sold around 50 percent of units. GRR is guaranteed at 6% per year, for the 3 years, total 18%. This residential project fit for royalty is open to both elite Cambodians and International investors with freehold title. Please contact the developer for more information about Imperial Crown condominium now!.

Imperial Crown Condominium

这是一个在 BKK 1, Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh 区域,价格为$500,000 的 sale project。

这里地理位置绝佳 。

这个 project 房源 , 十分适合居住,。

最重要的是,在这个 project 里,您可以尽情享受一个绝对安全和宁静的居住空间,完善的 等设施将带给您和您的家人满满的安全感。

如果您想电邮 来了解此房源的更多详情,请点击 “电邮中介” 或 “电联中介” ,也可点击电话查看完整号码并拨打工作人员。您也可以收藏此房源以便稍后再次访问。

Condo for sale in BKK 1, Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh

Imperial Crown Condominium located in BKK 1, Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh

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