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Condo for sale/rent in Chroy Changvar Phnom Penh | KVBC Center

As more and more businesses enter Cambodia, the demand for office space is rising. Meeting this new trend is KVBC Center, launched in June of 2019. Located on Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changvar peninsula, KVBC is uniquely placed to be a powerhouse.

The nine-storey building covers an area of 3,600 square metres and hosts three types of units on each floor. Each section is crafted into an exquisite and unified space.
KVBC Center has a prime location on the east bank of the capital’s Tonle Sap. It sits within the OCIC New Community of Chroy Chong Var, where a 300-hectare satellite city project is developing. Thanks to its great potential, this region is believed to be an emerging trading hub. Many large enterprises have preemptively settled there after seeing the momentum and prosperity.

Great minds came together to construct KVBC Center. It represents a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Italy’s Mirko Giolitti Architects. The building features a sleek and elegant linear outline and is surrounded by the green lush landscape infused with rays of sun.

The clever use of light and shade gives the spaces in the building a lively and cheerful ambiance. The material on the inner wall is a nice contrast to the glass wall.

The interior is established with top tier material, such as INAX appliances from Japan, European and American kitchen equipment and furniture and premium paint. The value is noticeable.

When you have quality property management, your experience is better. That is the principle of the management at KVBC. The building also offers smart home utilities which gives user a high-end experience.

The roof garden is particularly notable. It functions like an oasis for relaxation and recreation. What’s more, the campus also hosts a gym, swimming pool, boutique cafe, and tons of additional amenities. Meanwhile, convenience and safety are guaranteed by the standard parking lot, 24-hour professional security and other high-quality services.

The KVBC Center is built by two well-known consortiums, namely Shuangcheng Construction and Diguan Construction. Both aim to pursue the ultra-high end of the office space market. Constructed was spearheaded by MCC OVERSEA LTD., a world top 500 company.

With low prices, high rental returns, permanent ownership, and a prime location within an international business hub, KVBC checks all the boxes..


「双城KVBC商务大楼」权掌水净华OCIC新区洞里萨河东岸精质地段,该区域规划了超过300 公顷卫星城项目,串连新兴贸易经济与全球商业一气呵成。交通方便,生活机能丰富,许多大型企业都抢先入驻,区域强大的凝聚力与吸附力正在逐步散发,未来,更新金边新兴闪耀之地!

塑造现代化的艺术办公空,「双城KVBC商务大楼」由意大利Mirko Giolitti建筑师联手合作,简洁素练线条勾勒出大楼整体优雅外观,绿色葱郁景观与恣意穿梭的暖阳生气十足,室内设计更是巧妙地借用自然光影,时时变化四时更迭,让空间瞬间有了生命,营造出不呆板的趣味场域。与玻璃墙面相辉映的材料则质感沉稳,彰显着内敛大气,办公氛围更为安静、舒心。





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KVBC Center located in Keo Chenda, Chroy Changvar, Chroy Changvar, Phnom Penh

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