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Condo for sale in Sangkat Bei Sihanoukville | Morakot Island (Koh Puos)

Morakot Island (Koh Puos) is one of the most significant luxury real estate projects in Cambodia which covers an island area of 1,6 square kilometers and is just 950 m away from the coastal city Sihanoukville, located at the tip of an elevated peninsula in the country’s south-west on the Gulf of Thailand. The island is connected to the mainland by the Techo Morakot road bridge and is the only island in Cambodia that promises its inhabitants a luxury private life near the innovative world.

The unique geographical location of the island makes it a convenient choice for Cambodian residents and international travelers as Sihanoukville now has its own modern international airport with direct flights to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Macao, Thailand, and with a couple of the local destinations such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The island is just 26 km away from the Sihanouk International Airport. The city of Sihanoukville is only 232 km from the capital of Cambodia will soon become an even shorter distance as the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville National Highway #4 will be completed in 2022.

Koh Puos (Cambodia) Investment Group, Ltd. (KPIG) intends to develop Morakot (Koh Puos) island into a multi-purpose destination of the highest international standards. This property is set to be the new “gold coast” for the region. Morakot Island project encompasses the construction of one 6- star luxury hotel, two 5-star luxury hotels, a VIP casino, beach club, high-end food and beverage facilities, a luxury spa and wellness center, a marina village, meeting and conference facilities, and apartments, bungalows and villas. With its newly constructed concrete bridge, the Island offers inhabitants and guests the feeling of real privacy and security in this stunning coastal city, or let them join the hustle and bustle of Sihanoukville.

Morakot Island proudly presents its exclusive Villa Collection – 36 extraordinary sea-front residential lots. Stylish villas come in five types, including functional and modern floor plans, extensive terraces, balconies, outdoor swimming pool, and car parking space. The villa’s interior and exterior design has been well thought-out and styled with pure comfort & sophistication always in mind.

The 36 newly completed Villas for sale are located in zone R 5.1 on the seashore, facing the beautiful peninsula of Sihanoukville city, just 300 m away from the Techo Morakot bridge on the left side, but still right next to the main beach area. These villas, however, are only the first phase of the project’s larger development pipeline. The Morakot Island project is a massive undertaking that seeks to transform the island into its own economic and social center of the city..

莫拉克岛(Morakot Island )位于西哈努克省著名的打卡圣地蛇岛,占地1.6平方公里,第一阶段开发项目由36个栖息于海岛半山腰的别墅组成,每个别墅都掩映在葱郁茂密的丛林植被中,环境优雅安静,私密性极强,同时拥有无可匹敌的海景风光,每天都让您能享受到心驰神往的度假生活。


蛇岛投资集团有限公司与柬政府签订了多年租赁协议,计划将蛇岛打造成具有最高国际化标准的岛屿。莫拉克岛(Morakot Island )独享宁静优美的海岸风光,一栋栋砖红色屋顶的现代别墅沿着海岸线连成一串,像珠玉宝石一般点缀了整个小岛。项目还包含一家六星级豪华酒店,两家五星级高端酒店,豪华餐饮、水疗、健身、会议等设施,房屋类型包括公寓、平房和别墅。

目前,莫拉克岛(Morakot Island )36栋别墅有五种房型,将以诱人的价格出售。
背靠青山,面朝大海,别墅每个卧室都带阳台,可将自然美景全部收纳眼底。室内设计精致,居住舒适,能够带来不一样的体验感。莫拉克岛(Morakot Island )是一项宏伟的工程,旨在将该岛转变成西港的文化和社会中心,将为西港旅游和经济添加新活力!

Boreys for sale in Puos Island Koh, Sangkat Bei, Sihanoukville, Sihanoukville

Morakot Island (Koh Puos) located in Puos Island Koh, Sangkat Bei, Sihanoukville, Sihanoukville

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