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10 Bathroom Design Fails That Should Be Flushed Down the Toilet

10 Bathroom Design Fails That Should Be Flushed Down the Toilet


Who doesn’t love a beautiful bathroom? From soaking tubs to vanities, they’re the place we go to get away from it all. So it goes without saying that many of us also love to marvel at bathroom design disasters. If that’s you, you’re in luck, cause there’s an Instagram account for that!

Interior designer Dina Holland, based in Needham, MA, began her wildly popular Instagram account, “PleaseHateTheseThings,” by posting the worst home decor fails she came across in her design work. She struck a chord with bad home-design haters and soon amassed some 127,000 fans, who began sending her submissions of the design horrors they encountered.

Curious about the worst? Below are some of the top bathroom design fails on Holland’s page, plus some of the hilarious user commentary they inspired. So if you never want to be on the receiving end of these pointed comments, remember these lessons on what not to do with a bathroom remodel.

1. Your bathroom doesn’t need lip service

Red sink, red blinds, and red-lipped wallpaper? Unless you need a powder room for weekly lip sync battles, this over-the-top, matchy-matchy decor—seemingly inspired by the kiss emoji—should be flushed down the toilet. If not, the walls may become blotting paper.

“If I ever visit this bathroom, I’m putting on a [censored] load of lipstick and leaving my kiss as well,” says commenter betseyhirons.

2. Steer clear of too close for comfort

Isn’t the whole point of the double sink is to allow some space between your face-wash-splashing spouse or toothbrush-spraying kid or whomever you share a bathroom with?

This combo is more for people who want to wash their hands while holding hands. Or, according to dirtytrashdog, “The ONLY plausible explanation is a bathroom for [conjoined] twins.”

3. Don’t go mad for mosaic

It’s kind of amazing so much tiny tile can add up to such a massive mess. But if you’re going to go tile-mad, why stop when you hit porcelain?

As as darcysartlab puts it, “Why didn’t they mosaic the toilet and tub? If you’re going to commit to something commit to it!”

4. Carefully consider shower placement

Even if you do like to look in several mirrors as you soap up, is it not just plain weird to have a curtain-free, doorless shower smack in the middle of a bathroom? And a carpeted bathroom at that!

To quote tpodhorez, “I cannot even process this hot mess.”

5. Beware of taking ‘en suite’ too literally

Is this a bathroom? Or a bedroom? Or a bed, bath, and beyond room? No one knows for sure.

Commenter elisa_robertson does know this, however: “You could drown in your sleep.”

6. Baths and stairs aren’t a good mix

People sometimes slip in the tub. But falling down a flight of stairs should not be a risk associated with bathing.

For butterbeanie, this tub-stair topper is a source of comfort: “Turns out my bath could be worse!!”

7. You don’t need antiques everywhere

An old schoolhouse desk … in the middle … of a bathroom … flanked by pedestal sinks? (We won’t even mention the coat rack.) Something weird is going on here, and lorihillorth may have cracked it.

“Awesome! I can home school my kids while I soak in the tub,” she comments.

8. Toilets near windows is another no-no

Absolutely no curb appeal here. As jamiewag says of this post, “I can’t stop looking.” And that’s exactly what must happen to people who actually pass by this bathroom in real life.

9. See-through toilets? Just no.

We get the appeal of spare, modern design. But a see-through toilet is taking the aesthetic to a place bathrooms should never go.

“I’m gonna throw up,” wrote raptoryawns. “But not in this toilet.”

10. Animal troughs don’t make great stand-in soaking tubs

Commenter imd_in_lusoia nails what’s wrong with this bathroom: “This set-up allows your favorite medium-sized animal to enjoy a bath while you shower.”

So unless you have miniature ponies, there is seemingly zero reason to install a homey trough in your otherwise sleek shower.

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