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Buy $80,888 - Borey, Boreys, House, project
83.85 sqm 3 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 17988 Views
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G B Residence Co., Ltd is a real estate company established with the aim of providing modern and comfortable housing to its customers. With support from customers, the company has made its first achievements by building flats and villas.

G B Residence Co.,Ltd was established by Lok Okhna Tang Kuonghow during a challenging but rewarding real estate era. With a great will and passion for a better residential environment and responding to a sky-high housing demand in the latest decade, Lok Okhna decided to make the first move to contribute to this sector.

The housing development project expanding over 6.8 hectares size of land locates in the southern part of Phnom Penh city. It takes around 20-minute drive from one of the most dynamic and prime location of Phnom Penh City – the integral part of Phnom Penh’s 2035 Master Plan which consists of variety of residential and commercial mixed development along so-called Samdach HunSen 60-meter Boulevard.

The unwavering commitment, responsibility, loyalty and effective action from its management and teams, combining with its well- layout Master plan, finest construction quality, attractive and comfortable living environment with an affordable price, Five Stars Residence has been widely recognized and fully supported by its client which is one of the important reality that made its project success.

Todays, Five Stars Residence SR Co., Ltd is drafting on its second project development plan grossing over 9 hectares of land with over 700 residential units neighboring to its first project. The new project will launch very soon in 2020.

A combination of modern design with unique greenery scene and amenity in the second project will provide a sense of comfort and relaxation for living.

The prime location of the 2nd project sit in an area with only a few steps from the national “3rd Ring road” which connecting Cambodia’s main National Road No.5, 4,3, 2, 21 and National Road No.1 which enable convenience of traveling and where real estate development is rapid and business activities will continue to activate in the near future.

The overwhelming support received from our customers over the past is extremely vital and truly inspired us to continuing pursue of greater ideas and further enhance our products by creating better dreams for clients in future projects that can be further expanded in the capitals and provinces of Cambodia. “We seek perfection, so we make it perfect.”

Additional Details

  • SH Road B&C (4.3mx13m) - (4.3m-19.50m) Road 10m: $ 80,888
  • SH Road B&C side walk 2m (4.3mx13m) - 4.3m-19.50m - Road 10m: $ 86,888
  • Twin Villa Road GB (6m x 10m) - 8m x 20m - Road 9m: $ 155,888