Leedon Heights , Phnom Penh Thmey, Sen Sok, Phnom Penh

  • Leedon Heights

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Buy $75,348 - project

Leedon Heights is a condominium complex and is located in a new residential and commercial development district Sen Sok. The area has seen significant infrastructure development and land reclamation to support many commercial and residential development uses such as a flagship Japanese Shopping Mall, Cam-Ko City, and Borey Angkor Phnom Penh.

This residential development covers an area of 1.5 hectares of land, comprises lush landscaped gardens crowned by 4 towers of 36 storeys in height, and is scheduled to be completed by Q4 2024. Leedon Height is developed by joint venture companies from Singapore and Taiwan and is designed with a community-centric interior design by young Cambodian families and professionals.

The concept of the development is to provide a high-class home to the middle-class and elite people look for a comfortable home and atmosphere. The development has fantastic facades and modern residential units with an internal area range from 35 to 115 square meters.

Leedon Height provides a full range of luxurious amenities and facilities to support comfortable living including an in-house BBQ pit, many pools, jacuzzi, playground, steam room, games rooms, badminton court, and many other spaces for various activities, front desk services, security guard and safety camera, and parking lots.

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Leedon Heights是位于金边新兴发展区森速区的综合公寓大楼项目,该建筑是以金边的城市景观,加上新加坡风情装饰点缀。项目占地1.5公顷,郁郁葱葱的园林花园由4座大楼组成。

Leedon Heights是一家专注于以社区为中心的室内设计的开发项目,专为柬埔寨年轻家庭和专业人士打造。希望住户感受到城市的魅力,并享受真正的居家舒适感。

当然,其令人惊叹的项目外观仅是其要点。其住宅产品可满足广泛的市场需求。无论买家正在寻找小型工作室、还是宽敞的公寓,Leedon Heights都将为住户打造高标准的生活方式。住宅单位的面积从35平方米至115平方米不等,销售起价为$ 67,000。


由于Leedon Heights位于森速区(Sen Sok),项目周边的娱乐场所、餐厅等也是非常丰富,其中最引人注目的是AEON Mall 2永旺购物中心二期就在附近,这是迄今为止金边最大的购物中心。距离项目仅500米。


  • Unit Beds Min: 1
  • Unit Beds Max: 3
  • Unit Floor Area Min:48
  • Unit Floor Area Max:115
  • Expected Rental Rerturn:
  • Downpayment Ratio:10%
  • Sold Rate: 36%
  • Construction Progress: 10%
  • Greening Rate: 50%