Odom Tower – The best office space in Phnom Penh

  • The best office space in Phnom Penh
  • Odom Tower - The best office space in Phnom Penh

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Whether you own an SME or are the manager of a larger company, Odom offers tailored and competitive solutions for your business to thrive in a new, close-to-perfect, location. With 45 floors hosting over 43,000 sqm of customizable strata-office space right in the center of Phnom Penh, and close proximity with an entire community of entrepreneurs and business owners, Odom Tower is the perfect platform to launch your company into the future.

All the space you want

Maximum Flexibility
While various pre-set office sizes are available, we understand some companies might have unique requirements. Whether you want to combine different offices to create the space you need, or perhaps buy a whole floor (or more) for ultimate customization, strata-offices at Odom Tower are based on one core principle: maximum flexibility for customers.

Medium-sized office space perfection
Versatile, Comfortable Office Space
Units ranging 150 sqm and up are the perfect fit for medium-to-large sized SMEs wanting comfort and efficiency, as well as a great space to host business encounters.

The ideal office for new businesses
Efficient, Smart Office Space
Units ranging from 80 to 150 sqm meet the needs of smaller and emerging SMEs, wanting to capture the energy of the team within one amazing and functional space.

Small office, great set-up
Compact Office Space
More compact units, of up to 80 sqm, offer strata-office space solutions, making the perks and amenities of Odom Tower accessible to everyone.