Riverfront Prime Land For Sale In Kampot River Bank

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  • Riverfront-Prime-Land-For-Sale-In-Kampot-River-Bank

Property ID : PC-1333

Buy $195 /m² - Land
35496 m² 6718 Views
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Riverfront Prime Land For Sale In Kampot River Bank. This prime land of riverfront Land Teuk Chhu River, Kampot is a 35496 square meter plot of land for sale. The property is located in a quiet and peaceful area, surrounded by old growth trees.

The property is perfect for someone who is looking for a quiet and relaxing place to live. It is also a great investment, as the value of property in Kampot is rising rapidly.

The river view is exquisite, the land well kept and in good order. Clear access roads meaning the owner(s) and potential guests have a short journey into Kampot town to enjoy all the commercial amenities and services the town now has to offer.

The Riverbank has been landscaped, and an artificial beach developed there, making this a truly unique plot of land for Kampot.

The demand for land in Kampot has steadily increased from 2020, and it won’t be long before we see the kind of growth we saw pre-2020.

For sale, land on the Tek Chhou river with amazing river views, perfect option for building a dream home or bungalow
This beautiful land property situates among many great sceneries, it’s on the main river which is an easy access to sea for the boat tour or fishing tour the water is clear where we can do swimming or doing any water sport activities, land is also has beautiful Mountain View which allows you to enjoy a great atmosphere. Many old trees in the land such as coconut trees, mangos, cashew and more. The whole place is surrounding by may resort, Bungalow and some local families.
Here are some additional details about the property:

The property is located on the banks of the Teuk Chhu River, which provides stunning views and a peaceful setting.
The property is close to a number of amenities, including schools, hospitals, and shops.
The property is also close to the airport, making it easy to travel to and from Kampot.
If you are looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to live, then Sublime Riverside Land Teuk Chhu River, Kampot is the perfect property for you.

This land property can divide piece of land plot if you don’t need the whole size.